Zibra Open-It ZPCOPEN-GZ 5-in-1 Package Opener

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Product Description

Product description This wonderful new household tool called the ??????Open it!?????? has previously been seen on television. It is an incredibly useful 4 in 1 tool for cutting hard plastic clamshells, blisters, and cardboard, snipping toy packaging, twist ties and straps or slicing boxes, CD’s, DVD’s, and plastic wrap. You can even use the built in screw driver to open battery compartments or the bottle openers to pop open a drink! Designed with the collaboration of female consumers all over the country, this is one of the most multi-functional tools on the market today! From the Manufacturer No other opening tool performs this many tasks. Snip it! Cut it! Unscrew it! Slice it! Pop it! Opens sealed plastic packaging, toy packaging, electronics packaging, boxes, twist and zip ties, shipping tape, duct tape, CDs, DVDs, ribbon, twine, blister packs, plastic wraps, letters, mail pouches and much more. Patented offset jaws for safety and ease of cutting. Retractable utility knife cuts easily through plastic wrapping and paper. Removable double ended mini screwdriver is convenient for opening battery compartments. Even includes bottle opener.


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