Xuron 450S Ultra-Precise Tweezer-Nose Pliers with Serrated Jaws

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Product Description

The Xuron 450S Ultra-Precise Tweezer-Nose Pliers have a 1.5mm thick tip that can grasp wire less than 1mil thick for intricate work and handling delicate parts, and have the strength for forming and bending wire. The jaws have fine, perpendicular serrations for extra holding power and rounded edges to help protect lead wires. A return spring facilitates repetitive operations and rubber grips on the handle provide a cushioned hold. The pliers are 5′ (127mm) long with a 0.78′ (20mm) long jaw. These pliers are commonly used for electronics, jewelry making, and crafting applications. Xuron Corp. manufactures precision hand tools such as wire cutters and strippers, scissors, and pliers for electronics, aerospace, plastic molding, wire processing, hobby, craft, jewelry, and fishing industries. The company, headquartered in Saco, Maine, was founded in 1971.


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