Vitech Super Bright COB LED Headlight for Camping, Running, Hiking, Reading, Kids

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Pattern Name:Headlamp only Lightweight, Powerful and Affordable, Too? You Got It! Sometimes you just don’t have enough hands. If you’ve ever changed a tire in the dark, struggled to repair a leaky pipe deep in a cramped cabinet, or had to take your dog out for a last-minute walk before bed, then you know how hard it is to hold a flashlight and get stuff done. Ordinary headlamps promise to solve your dilemma. The trouble is, most of them are so heavy they quickly become too uncomfortable to wear, especially if you’re out hiking, hunting, grilling, or playing with the kids. And if they’re light enough for long-lasting comfort, they’re so dim you’re left wondering if it’s even turned on. The answer? Vitech’s LED headlamp. Not only is it ultra-bright, but it’s a comfortable, easy-to-wear design. It will quickly become your go-to tool whether you’re working around the house or out for a late-night hike. — Excellent quality, affordable price. — Perfect for camping, home and auto repairs, nighttime activities outdoors. — Adjustable strap fits adults or children. Feel safer letting your kids play outside after dark. — Water and shock resistant (rated IP44) for years of use. — Non-slip strap won’t fall or bob even when jogging or biking.


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