V-Line Clamp Tape Measure And Chalk Line Holder

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Product Description

V-Line Clamp This clamp is line friendly in which it does not cut your line when using. It will hold your chalk line and hold your tape measure. You can use those chalk lines that do not have clips on the end with the V-Line Clamp. It is lightweight so it will not weigh you down and will clamp to the outside of your bag so it is right there when you need it. The V-Line Clamp is a surprisingly efficient tool that has to be tried out to see how time saving it can be. V-Line Clamp is a patented Multifunctional tool that has a lot of DIYers and Professionals singing its praises. The V-Line might look like a take on a traditional clamp, but it has features that increase accuracy and make using a chalk line simpler in any setting. Simply attach your chalk line to the V-Line Clamp , and create straight or angled; but most importantly super accurate lines. Bonus: it also holds your measuring tape. Marking chalk lines onto plywood and cement board has never been easier!


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