UV Stain Detective LED Blacklight for Detecting Cat, Dog & Rodent Urine

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DO YOUR PETS PEE INSIDE? UV STAIN DETECTIVE WILL TRACK DOWN THE GUILTY PARTY??????S FAVORITE SPOTS IN A JIFFY! If your home smells of pet urine but you can??????t find the spot, we??????ve got your problem solved with UV Stain Detective. HOW DOES IT WORK? The UV Stain Detective??????s 12 powerful Ultraviolet lights make dried pet urine glow in the dark. You will not have to clean your whole carpet or worse still, replace the entire carpet! – UV Stain Detective uses only the very best premium quality UV/LED lights – It has a strong shock resistant outer casing – It works on most surfaces – Also widely used for revealing hidden ink. Ideal for personal property identification. – 3 x AAA Batteries already fitted – Includes a FREE eBook ??????How To Housetrain Any Dog?????? How Does Your UV Stain Detective Save You Money? Your UV Stain Detective UV/LED Blacklight will help pin down the exact cause of that strange odor in no time. The 12 super bright Ultraviolet bulbs light up your carpet like a neon sign when used in darkness. Stains which are invisible to the naked eye light up under intense cross examination from the detective! The savings will be huge as you can now steam clean only the affected spots and not the whole carpet. – So easy to use – Use as instructed and UV Stain Detective will solve your mystery in minutes – Incredibly cost effective YOUR UV STAIN DETECTIVE GUARANTEE Follow the simple instructions to register your warranty and you will get our famous no questions asked guarantee. If you are not satisfied we will refund your purchase price within 90 days. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get your UV Stain Detective now and save a bundle in unnecessary cleaning costs tracking down those annoying pet urine stains


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