TEKTON 30325 Jacketed Fiberglass Magnetic Head Rip Hammer, 22-Ounce

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Size:22 oz. Framing ??? |???  Style:Jacketed Fiberglass Gets loads of power with the TEKTON 30325 22 oz. Jacketed Fiberglass Magnetic Head Rip Hammer. Swing big with the long 16 in. framer-style handle and the virtually unbreakable fiberglass core dampens stinging vibrations, delivering energy to the nail, not your hand. A poly jacket completely surrounds the core and protects it like a bulletproof vest, absorbing the impact of missed strikes. To avoid skipping or glancing blows, the large, round face has a cross milled pattern that bites into nail heads. For extra speed, the built-in magnetic nail slot can hold a nail for you, letting you start and drive it with one hand while positioning work pieces with the other. With sharpened chisel ends, the straight claw slides into tight spaces and under nail heads to pry apart framing members and pull nails with smooth, controlled leverage. Inspired by classic axe handles, this handle shape is an important safety feature, protecting you and those around you. By keeping your hand properly positioned it greatly reduces fatigue and minimizes the possibility of losing the tool mid-swing.


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