Nitecore T Series Tube UV USB Rechargeable UltraViolet Blacklight Keychain Light plus LED Keychain Flashlight

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Product Description

Ideal for bar and wait staff, doormen, security and investigation, ultraviolet light can be used to prevent fraud and verify currency and identification authenticity. It can also detect fluids and can be used for checking the cleanliness of a hotel room or making sure dishes are clean. Nitecore’s TUBE UV is the most lightweight, USB rechargeable UV flashlights on the market, designed to travel with you wherever you go. The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery provides a runtime of up to 1 hour and the single switch offers easy one-handed control. Constructed from durable Polycarbonate materials and featuring a dual metal key ring connector withstands up to 77lbs (35 kg), this light weighs in at less than an ounce and is a great everyday carry tool. Specifications: * Runtime: 1 hour * Dimensions: 2.22?????? x 0.83?????? x 0.31?????? (56.5mm x 21mm x 8mm) * Weight: 0.34oz (9.6 gram)(with battery) * Ultraviolet LED: 500mW power, 365nm wavelength * Impact resistant to 1.5 meters Content in Package: Tube keychain light, key ring, Lumen Tactical keylight Important Notice To prevent TUBE-UV from being accidentally turned on in the pocket, it implements a ‘Lockout’ feature which will will render the switch unresponsive to pushes. To enable/disable the LOCKOUT, press and hold down the switch for 5 seconds. The light will flash once if you do it successfully. So next time if your TUBE-UV appears to stop working, try enable it by pressing and holding down the switch.


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