Life Gear Green Glow Stick & Flashlight with Whistle & Lanyard

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Product Description

Color:Green Product Description The Life LED Glow Stick & Flashlight is an everyday flashlight that has a bonus glow stick in one product! This flashlight is battery operated & chemical free. This LED Glow Stick & Flashlight comes with a detachable lanyard and an emergency whistle for added safety. The light has 4 light modes: LED Flashlight, Glow Stick, Flashlight/Glow Stick & Emergency Flasher. The Flashlight & Glow stick mode is so you can ‘See and Be Seen’ in the dark. This product is thin and light which makes it easy to store in a drawer, glove box purse or tool box. This product comes in multiple colors and will be a favorite everyday flashlight for you and your kids. Life Gear makes everyday products with added features to help keep your family safe. From the Manufacturer The Life Gear 4 in 1 LED Glow Stick Flashlight is an everyday product that could someday save your life! Battery operated, chemical free , the glow stick is the ultimate ‘Go Green’ accessory you will use for your many adventures from hiking, boating and camping to parties, concerts or just having fun in the dark . The Glow Stick features a 200 hour LED Glow Stick, LED flasher, LED flashlight and emergency whistle. Life Gear is dedicated to working hands-on at every level to develop and promote innovative everyday products engineered with life saving capabilities. Life Gear – Prepare for Life.


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