LED UV Flashlight, EZOWare 51 LED Ultraviolet Light, Pet Urine Odor & Stain Detector – Black

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Product Description

This UV flashlight pack with 51 UV LEDs emits 395 nanometer wavelength ensuring light coverage for a much larger area without losing the intensity of the UV light. The UV light is perfect for over the counter fake currency inspection, security control, elimination of rodent contamination, hotel room inspection, and much more. Perfect for indoor/outdoor/home/work usage, such as detect pet stain, urine on carpet and upholstrey, detect food and liquid stain, and other bodily fluid. Perfect for outdoor use – such as hunting scorpions! Water and shock resistant! Perfect for leak detection (when used with UV dye)!??? 51 UV 395 Nanometer LEDs- Covers a wide surface area to cover & sweep room quicker and more efficiently.??? – Lights up the majority of UV reactive inks and fluids.- Extends battery life with minimal battery power consumption.Water Resistant Aluminum Construction- Rubber ring around the end cap to ensure water-resistance.- Protects against moisture corrosion.- Aluminum body ensures protection from bumps or shocks.??? – Long-lasting.Many Valuable Uses~ Identify counterfeit currency.~ Verify official identification card and passport watermarks.~ Light up scorpions in the home.~ Locate nonvisible food or animal urine stains.~Track down and pinpoint unpleasant odor sources.~ Find automotive UV reactive coolant and anti-freeze leaks.~ Detect unhygienic stains and bodily fluids??? while traveling.??? Exercise Caution!!Due to the intensity of this UV LED device, UV protective glasses are recommended.Do not look into this device while operating nor shine in any person’s eyes.??? Please use it with consideration and care.Batteries Not Included- Uses 3 AA standard alkaline batteries- Easy to install, simply unscrew the bottom cap for access to the battery holder.


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