JawayTool 128 Pieces Assortment Heat Shrink Tube Wire Wrap Kit Electrical Connection Cable Sleeve Tubing Sets

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Size Name:Heat Shrink Helping Hand Heat Shrink JawayTool Heat Shrink Tubing is a valued option for insulation, protection, and sealing when compared to taping, molding, or potting. It can provide your cables with protection against abrasion, chemicals and weather. Helping Hand JawayTool Third-hands make precise soldering easy by holding parts in the exact position you want. With unequaled flexibility, these Helping hands can work for hobbies, electronics projects or any other detailed work where magnification. Features : ?????« Seal water and dust out of cable splices ?????« Insulate cables and wires against extreme heat in aircraft, boats, and military vehicles ?????« provide a barrier between cables and corrosive chemicals ?????« Color code cables for easy identification ?????« Harness multiple wires together ?????« Make long-lasting labels for network patch cords ?????« Neatly terminate the ends of braided sleeving ?????« Improve the look of cables in computer case mods or custom cars and motorcycles ?????« Specifically designed for jewelers, model builders, miniaturists and electronic hobbyists etc ?????« Two sturdy alligator clips for holding PCBs, wires, parts What is in the box! 30-pc. 5/64?????? X 13/8?????? (2.0mm X 40mm) 25-pc. 3/32?????? X 13/8?????? (2.4mm X 40mm) 20-pc. 5/32?????? X 13/8?????? (3.5mm X 40mm) 20-pc. 3/16?????? X 13/8?????? (5.0mm X 40mm) 16-pc. 1/4?????? X27/8?????? (6.0mm X 80mm) 8-pc. 3/8?????? X 27/8?????? (10.0mm X 80mm) 8-pc. 1/2?????? X 27/8?????? (13.0mm X 85mm) 1-pc. Third hand soldering solder iron stand


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