Emeril 2 Piece Knife Set 5′ Santoku 3.5′ Paring Knife Forged Steel Clad Emerilware (Red)

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Size:w/o Sharpener ??? |???  Color:Red Designed by the chef himself out of high quality products for the home cook, these versatile knives can go from oven to table and are suitable for any occasion. This amazing 2-Piece Knife Set by Emeril will simply transform slicing veggies for stir fries, dicing meat for stews or slicing fruits for a healthy salad from being a long dreadful chore into a quick effortless task! The set comprises of a 3.5-inch paring knife that’s perfect for slicing and cutting small items like veggies, cheese and fruits, as well as a 5-inch Santoku knife for tougher foods like meat, pumpkins, potatoes and pineapples. Features elegant handles with full tang construction, and both knives have sharp, stainless steel blades which come razor-sharp and ready to cut. The design features full tang construction with stylish handles and stainless steel details, perfectly shaped for natural comfort during use. You can be sure to cut, dice and slice all your ingredients without feeling fatigue in your wrist or arm. It’s the perfect personal set to customize your kitchen, making these the ideal knives that will introduce both elegance and convenience to any kitchen.


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