Dual USB Charger and Socket Blue Panel Mount Sea Marine 12 Volt Motorcycle Boat Rv Truck Plug Power Outlet #Ycn8/cr/cykd/tplt/4sq

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This is a listing for one 12 volt socket and dual USB charger combination. The material are of high quality and can be used for outside operation. #ycn8/cr/cykd/tplt/4sq Charger: The charger body is a heavy nylon with all nickel plated parts. The weatherproof cap fits into and over the front of the charger to keep moisture out when not in use. This assembly has a replaceable USB charger core, No LED and a tight fitting sealing cap. This charger is rated for 2 amps at 5 vdc and can accept two USB devices. The charger use built in integrated semiconductor technology to produce a constant 5 Volts DC This constant voltage source is important for operating and charging the batteries of your accessories, from a 12 (11-14) volt source. This assembly is repairable since the charger insert can be removed and replaced without having to rewire or discard the whole unit. 12 Volt Socket: The socket is marine grade and is weather and UV resistant. The contacts are nickel plated and the socket body is heavy nylon plastic. The socket is vibration resistant, unlike less expensive versions. It requires an 1 1/8′ hole for mounting. The socket for 15 amps at 12 volts. Draws no power when not in use, so it can’t run down your battery. Works with any standard cigarette lighter plug or lockable marine plug. Check our other listings if you need a locking plug or a right angle mount. A locking plug looks like a regular male lighter plug but when twisted in this socket can not be pulled out easily, unless twisted again. It is weather resistant and vibration proof.


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