25 Plastic Double Edged Razor Blade and Titan Scraper

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Product Description

The Extra Strong Titan Scraper with protective cap is ideal for scraping labels and decals from glass, windshields, etc. Comfortable rubber handle for maximum grip. Accepts all standard single steel and plastic razor blades. The Safe Scrape Double Edged Plastic Blades are ideal tools for scraping away unwanted materials without the worry of damaging the surface.Sharp Edged , Plastic Razor Blades can be used on a variety of surfaces and detailing jobs. These double-edge blades are completely safe on most surface, but are much sharper than most plastic blades. The blades are used where a metal blade isnt appropriate. Durable and Safe. Pointed edges handle with care, handle safely,wont cut . Blade color may vary. 50 Usable Edges.


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