2 Pack Camping LED Flashlight Lantern,Battery Powered Outdoor Gadget by Slimk

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Size:2 packs Never get trapped in the dark with a hybrid lantern/flashlight combo that provides beautiful LED lighting to get your clearer vision for what??????s ahead. Innovative Versatility You never know when you??????ll be without a flashlight, but whether you??????re camping, stuck changing a tire on the side of the road, or having an emergency at home, it??????s important to keep a light accessible when the dark starts creeping in. That??????s why we created the SlimK Hybrid Flashlight and Lantern that lets you fine tune the right light you need to stay safe or get the job done. Multiple Light Modes Along with providing a brilliant LED shine, our flashlights offer four interchangeable light modes for improved convenience. And with a built-in hanging hook, you can get just the right amount of soft light in dark corners, while you??????re walking your dog, or trying to find your deer stand for those early morning hunts. Product Details: LED Hybrid Flashlight and Lantern Combo Water-Resistant Casing Four (4) Adjustable Light Modes Built-In Hanging Hook Indoor/Outdoor Safe Battery Powered (AAA or Rechargeable 18650) Satisfaction Guaranteed Click ??????Add to Cart?????? to get our dual-purpose flashlight lantern that provides just the right amount of soft, beautiful light no matter what adventure or emergency comes your way.


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